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Our team continues to grow: Dipl. Ing. Alois Buss, Sales and Key Account Manager Robotic

14. November 2020


Innowelle is continuing to grow, and we have recently strengthened our sales team by hiring Alois Buss. Alois joins us as a seasoned executive with many years' experience of product management involving mechatronic drive systems. His extensive expertise, especially in gear technology for robotics, will reinforce our team. But let's let him speak for himself.

Alois, how did you hear about Innowelle GmbH?

I have been following Innowelle in the social media and on the internet for several years, because it is one of the most innovative companies involved in developing and producing shaft gearboxes and intelligent rotary modules for robotics. I had the good fortune to work with André Kroth, its founder and CEO, for several years  earlier in my career, when we both worked for another company. We got to know and respect each other. We then went our separate ways for many years and I am glad that we are now reunited.



Which field do you feel most at home in, and where do you have most expertise?

My fields of expertise are mechatronic drive technology and gear technology for robotics, handling and automation. My long experience of product management involving mechatronic drive systems has enabled me to develop a deep knowledge of the market for mechanical and mechatronic drive technology and to build up an extensive network of contacts that I can draw on.   


What are you now responsible for at Innowelle?

I face a very exciting challenge at Innowelle. My job will be to work with the team to build up sales and key account management and to make Innowelle even more successful than it is already. 


What are you looking forward to most in your new position?

The most exciting thing about sales and key account management is dealing with customers. Helping them find drive technology solutions produces daily challenges which make the work exciting and varied. Working with them to design and implement competitive solutions is very satisfying. We must ensure that Innowelle's products are not only of high technical quality but also offer its customers competitive advantages.


Are there any projects that have caught your attention here at Innowelle in the short time you have been here?


Innowelle clearly has an excellent record of successfully completed projects and a great many satisfied customers. But first let me tell you about its team. Here, specialists in gearbox work alongside specialists in electrical drive technology and the synergies between them result in unique shaft gearboxes and innovative drive solutions for robots and cobots.

Our Intelligent Cobot Module (ICM) series is our latest product line. ICMs perfectly integrate shaft gearboxes, synchronous motors, brakes, sensors and drive controls with EtherCAT interfaces.


Different sizes of ICM enable our customers to achieve their own cobot solutions with minimal design effort. We have developed our "Create Y® COBOT" brand for this market.



Work is not all there is to life. What do you like to do in your free time?

Several things are important to me in my personal life. The most important is my family. Travelling to Greece and the North Sea are my main interests. I also enjoy cycling, reading and shooting. I am a member of the local council, the fire brigade and a shooting club. I am also involved in the local Catholic community.


Alois, thank you for your interesting insights which confirm that Innowelle is on the right track. We look forward to reading more from you here in the future. If readers would like to contact Alois Buss directly, please do so at:



tel.: + 49 6441 78 591 12 

mobile: + 49 1525 9225300.